What is
NWA token?

NWA Token is a flexible accounting unit which represents a participation unit. Technical standard Ethereum ERC-20 ensures the safety of the client's rights to his contribution and facilitates the transfer of rights from one investor to another in case of sale and purchase transaction. Owners of NWA tokens claim to receive quarterly dividends paid by the company. The liquidity of the token is provided by the growing capitalization of the fund within the framework of limited issuance of tokens.

a profit

Profit generation

The market of crypto assets is extremely volatile, subject to price manipulation and insider trading.
Our experienced team of analysts settles the matter of the roller-coaster market by managing constantly rebalanced diversified investment portfolio that involves both active and passive management strategies.

Profit distribution

Managing the capital flows, the Fund takes profit every quarter, distributing dividends to its Participants.
70% Token Holders
15% Re-investment
10% Reserve Fund
5% Transaction costs

NWA token distribution

NWA Fund производит эмиссию ограниченного количества токенов. Они распределяются между управляющей компанией и клиентами фонда.
15% Fund Manager
85% Participants

Active management

Active management is a complex investment strategy that provides for regular transactions, taking and closing positions with varying frequency depending on the specific strategy chosen. NWA Fund makes use of innovative solutions in the field of capital management, combining human and machine resources in algorithmic trading. Trading on several major crypto exchanges, our company has access to all existing crypto assets and investment vehicles.

Passive management

Passive management is based on the efficient market hypothesis It states that at all times markets incorporate and reflect all information so we can find promising crypto assets and build up a long-term diversified portfolio with the relevant risk-return ratio.

Reserve Fund

A reserve fund is capital intended for rebalancing an investment portfolio. It allows you to open additional positions on promising assets and hedge risks in a timely manner.
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