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What is
NWA Fund?

NWA Fund is a closed-end tokenized fund for investment in crypto-assets. Our company builds up a highly diversified investment portfolio, which allows us to get profit both in the rising and in the falling crypto-currency market. Applying a whole range of trade strategies, NWA Fund combines different investment approaches in a single whole and still continues to work on the performance of the portfolio in a constantly changing market environment.

The NAV of the Fund consists of participation units authenticated by tokens to ensure the security of dividend distribution and the transparency of relevant transactions

our story
November, 2015
Setting up a family office focused on private investment in crypto – assets.
May 2017
NWA Fund is appointed as a management company. Launching a discretionary management.
August 2017
Release of the online platform for tracking financial performance of the fund in real time.
April 2018
Incorporation of the investment fund in the Netherlands to expand the range of financial services we can provide.
August 2018
The number of the fund's clients has reached more than 5,000 users. Start of work on transferring the fund to blockchain and launching NWA Token.
October 2018
Launching the NWA Token Exchange - a platform for fast and secure exchange of NWA tokens.
November 2018
Audit of the liquidity of the Fund followed by relevant reporting.
December 2018
Distribution of dividends to the holders of NWA tokens for the 2nd half of 2018.
April 2019
Launch of a blockchain platform for tracking trade reports in real time.
August 2019
Listing on cryptocurrency exchanges to increase the liquidity of NWA tokens.
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